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The Kennel

We are a small hobby kennel located in Hungary. We are passionate about australian shepherds. I am proud to say that our dogs are part of the family and they’re getting the best from everything, like living in the house, being part of the daily routines, doing sports and activities.  

Our main goal is to produce healthy aussies who illustrate the breed standard in every way, in their appearance, in their personality and in the efficiency to compete at dog shows, dog sports, at herding or just to be perfect dog for a family. Our priorities are to find the right, loving place for our puppies where they are treated as part of the family as well. Secondary to us is if the dog can be displaced at dog shows or other competitions. If the dog has the right quality, we would like to see them in the show / performance rings. We’re gladly helping the new owners through the way. The dogs and owners will always be part of our big family too. 

Woody, Zoë and Lanie


My name is Agnes and this whole journey started with Lanie becoming part of our family. Nevertheless, I had other breeds before Lanie, for example a hobby border collie called Mira. She was well trained girl and a great companion dog. With her I learned a lot about dog training, and I made up my goal to finally get the dog of my dreams, an australian shepherd. As I wanted to participate at shows, I was searching for a show dog. With Lanie, the beautiful, shy aussie puppy, it was love as the first sight. Together we achieved great results, Lanie was much more than we expected from her in the beginning.

The next aussie that joined our family was Zoë, she came to us from France. Her personality was the complete opposite of Lanie’s, she was always a very confident dog who always knew what she wanted. Together with Lanie we found the perfect foundation for our hopes and dreams. The two girls loved to do sports, dog shows, they were the two greatest companions with their colorful personalities.

This wonderful breed also stole Melinda’s heart. Me and Melinda are sisters and we decided to create the Doralli Kennels together. We worked together very well on dog shows and also at home. After seeing how happy Lanie and Zoë made me, Melinda wanted an aussie for herself. And because she gets on very well with males, she prefers the males and therefore she was searching for her special little boy. She found her dream boy, our little furball, Woody, who we also imported from France. Woody was more than a dream come true to her. His happy, cheerful personality, his wonderful body structure, his sound movement, and his look in his eyes filled with pure love was a real improvement in Melindas daily life. He was like a real teddy bear alive.

The next boy in our life was “Lockie”, the only puppy in Zoë’s first litter. We planned to sell him but Lockie and Melinda developed such a special bond, we couldn’t let him go, so we decided, that Lockie becomes a permanent part of our growing family. Lockie is Melinda’s protector, they’re best friends. Nowadays he is a neutered hobby dog living with Melinda, Freddie and 2 bearded collie girls.

Woody and Zoe enjoying the spring weather

The Name

Where did the Doralli name come from? When we decided to breed, the desicion how to name the kennel wasn’t easy. We were thinking a lot. Lot of kennels have name that sounds nice or have a good melody, easy to remember. 

Our goal was to find something with a deeper meaning, that reminds us where we came from. So we took the names of our first three dogs: DOris, MiRA and MiLLI. Doris was our family boxer when we were children, Mira was Agnes’s border collie and Milli was Melinda’s bearded collie. That’s how the Doralli name was created.

Kamilah and baby Freddie
Emily, Zoe and Lanie enjoying the day in Venice, Italy

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