We had Helen`s second and her last litter with the wonderful Crimson, who has it all. His wonderful temperament, compelling appearence caught us and we made this litter in the hope, that his pedigree add up to Helen`s line what will make them perfect. The personality traits of the puppies is excellent, they are all outgoing, highly intelligent, will do great in their families.

Although we`ve made our decisions to keep them, if the right family shows up we might have 2 amazing boys available. 

Geburtsdatum: 14.05.2023

Vater: Paragon’s Crimson At Twins Crew                                                       Mutter: Ch. Doralli’s Autumn Pumpkin Pie

Doralli`s Earth Celebration- Clyde

Red tricolor male

Clyde has a very curious, sweet nature and he is always following his humans. He is very outgoing, social, loves to play, swim, he is all fun. He is staying with us unless somebody is interested in co-owning him. We are flexible about the rules but our most important condition: he needs to be an equally treated member of the family. We have great performance plans, he is the most promising puppy in the litter and we are very optimistic, he has it all: beautiful structure, sound movement, the sweetest face expression and the best temperament, loving, smart, loves all animals and people, very brave and his soul is so pure. He can be available as mentioned before because our schedules are really busy right now and if there is a better home for him who even gives more time, attention and affection we are opened to discuss. He is being raised in a family envirement, he is being socialised, learnt basic rules etc. he is not so active as the typical aussies, he loves to play, to be outside, going on walks/ hikes but he appreciates chill and cuddle time.

Doralli`s Air Force- Boo

Red merle male (hobby/ pet/ sport)

Boo is our little angel. He is a very sensitive but very grateful and loyal dog. He is very intelligent and enjoys learning tricks or just simply being around us. He is observing a lot, he behaves very mature for his age, he is thinking a lot and that is why he needs us to ensure him that he is a good boy and he is doing everything right. He is trying his best to please us, to make us proud and he understands the consequences of his actions.
We promised the best home for him, a place where he will be the happiest boy, where he will feel safe for the rest of his life, where he can just be himself. Unfortunately the applicants we had did not match to his needs and he is still in the search for a loving, very patient home. If the right person doesn’s show up, he is staying as well as he deserves the best. There is a better home than us but if he can be the center of someone’s/ or a family’s life, where he gets all the attention, then it is definitely a better place than what we can offer. He is not the “most beautiful” with a breeder’s eyes but he has the most beautiful soul. We still think he is very handsome but he has some small mistakes which are making him a pet prospect instead of being show or breeding candidate. He is only sold with a castration contract with regular vet check ups.  

Geplanter Aussie Wurf:

For more information contact us, next litter plan is from our american girl, Maisie.



Pharaoh Hound:

We have still 2 pharaoh hounds available in our litter born 19/01. The male is a nice, adorable puppy with strong instincts. Very cuddly, social, beautiful but he is only to a pet/ hobby home with castration. We are searching for the best loving home for him where he will be appreciated and treated as a family member. 

The female has a beautiful structure, is the sweetest, cuddliest but still sassy and a badass like her mother. Sports, shows would suit to her, she tries to please and wants you to be happy and satiesfied with her. Both of them are being with us, with our family, well socialised and went through the worst teeneger times already 🙂

By any interests: dorallikennels@gmail.com 


Einige der Bilder des letzten Wurfes:

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