Date of Birth: 08.09.2018. ○ Dention: full dention/ scissor bite ○ Tail: long tail ○ Hips: normal ○ Elbows: normal ○ MDR1+/- ○ PRA: normal ○ CEA: normal ○ HSF4: normal (clear) ○ NCL: normal ○ DM: normal ○ MH: normal ○ Owner: Melinda Makoi

Freddie has all the health tests and is recommended for breeding. 

Freddie is from Lanie`s first litter, he was already a charmer as a puppy. Such a sweet, loving, cuddly boy, he loves to be simply around, giving kisses. He got a lot from his mother`s personality. He`s a very loyal, sensitive dog but he`s always down to an adventure. When he is together with his sister, Helen, he`s very gentle to her and he lets her boss around. Everyday he has his playing hours, he takes his toys out and plays by himself or with Lockie, his best friend and pack mate. He is a real gentleman, a super sweet dog who would do anything to protect his loved ones. 

Unfortunately due to the pandemic we couldn’t work on his champion titles, therefore we`re planning to take him to shows the following years. Unfortunately he won’t as well as his sister, they were not born into the show ring. Freddie is pretty shy when it comes to show off his skills, he behaves well but he feels better when other activities are offered, especially where he can use his intelligence and his instincts. We`re happy that Freddie inherited a lot from his mother. His movement is as sound and angel-like as his mother’s, his structure is special and catchy, he is a lot like his mother. Furthermore, he reminds us of her every day in his personality. He is a cute, sweet cuddle bear, he is dominant but not aggressive, since his mother passed he took the ruling position in our pack. He already started some champion titles, we`re curious what the future holds for him but he is definitely a blessing in our lives.

Sire: Silver Dream Aussie’s Winnie The Pooh

Sire: Silver Dream Aussie’s Far Far Away




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