Champion of Hungary

Date of Birth: 08.09.2018. ◆ Dention: full dention/ scissor bite ◆ Hips: normal ◆ Elbows: normal ◆ MDR1: +/- ◆ PRA: normal ◆ CEA: normal ◆ HSF4: normal (clear) ◆ NCL: normal ◆ DM: normal ◆ MH: normal ◆ Owner and breeder: Agnes Makoi (Doralli Aussies)

Helen was the very first puppy from Lanie ever born. From her fist litter as the first puppy, I fell in love with her. I always told to myself I will keep a red merle daughter from Lanie but originally I wanted to keep a puppy from her last litter. So I was struggling a lot with this decision. As she grew, her wonderful personality started to bloom so I couldn`t resist, I had to keep her. She was special to me and she reminded me a lot of her mother but in a `cooler` version. Lanie was much calmer, Helen is very adventurous and playful, she`s a very active dog, as a happy aussie has to be. We`re also satisfied with her looks, her structure, her clean movement, her basic substance and she is the best partner, a very loyal friend. She is a dream girl, more than what I ever wished for, I’m very proud of her in every way and she is definitely something special. Her intelligence, her beauty, her wonderful personality traits

She still started 2 championships, hopefully by end of this year we can finish them and then we continue what she likes, she can retire from the show life and doing more sports and other activities with her. She has great herding instincts, she is working fabulous with sheep and horses. She and also her brother, Freddie inherited this very strong work instincts from their mother, Lanie. Agility is her favourite and we would like to do obidience and other sports too. Her intelligence amazes us every day and luckily she ist not using it against us!

Sire: Silver Dream Aussie’s Winnie The Pooh

Dam: Silver Dream Aussie’s Far Far Away




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