Hungarian Champion

Austrian Champion

International Champion

Date of Birth: 23.03.2017  ◆ Dention: full dention/ scissor bite  Hips: excellent ◆ Elbows: excellent ◆ Owner: Agnes Makoi (Doralli Aussies) ◆ Breeder: Anna Larsson (SE)


I can describe Kamilah as “my absolute dream come true”. I always dreamed of a pharaoh hound and owning one  was on my bucket list since I`m a child. As I got into the `Dog World` I wanted one ofe those dogs more and more. As I got to know more and more about this breed, I was standing at the dog shows checking the dogs and how they were judged. Whenever I saw a pharaoh hound on the dog show scedule I always rushed there to see what`s happening. I got to know what I like in the breed, what is THE “ph” for me, got to know the pedigrees and the breeders around the world and I came to the conclusion: if I once got a pharaoh hound, it has to come from Anna (Faouziah`s Kennel) so I wrote to her telling that my dream is to have a dog from her because she is the one breeder for me and she has a great eye concerning looks, sense and knowledge of this breed. Additionally she`s a hobby breeder with a limited amout of dogs (living with her in the house), she is very selective about the new puppy owners and she has a great love for each “ph” who was ever born there. So I was like: “if she doesn`t give me a “ph”, I don`t want one from somewhere else. It took me 4-5 years of writing to her constantly until a litter was born which I can have one of. I was over the moon and this waiting time was so worth it. Kamilah is the best thing in our lives.

About Kamilah: she has a special personality for sure, she is like a queen, has a wonderful temperament, she is also a badass but on the other hand the sweetest and cuddliest girl. Needless to say, yes, she`s spoiled, but Kamilah and I have developed a very special connection. She is a stubborn, confident girl with a free spirit (like most of the pharaohs) but we made our compromises together with some rules. She needs her freedom and I give it to her, but in return I can trust her, she always comes back to me at walks and keeps the main rules we set up. And to achieve that, it was a long and partly rough road we took. We went through a lot but now our life is perfect, we found a perfect balance in everything. Most of the time she`s in the bed or on the couch and when she has her blanket to keep her warm, she has the best naps. In the forenoon she prefers to sleep but if we don`t plan anything adventurous she can sleep the whole day `till dinner time as well. Dinner time is a sacered time. At exactly 4p.m. she wakes up and begs for food the forst time. In her youth she hunted a lot, nowdays she`s a peaceful spirit who`s bonding with every creature, and it doesn’t matter if it is a fellow dog, a cat or even a bug. She loves people and all the dogs who are passing by, she easily makes new friends with them and she`s a very social dog. I couldn`t imagine my life without her, she is definitely a ray of sunshine in my life. When we do something the whole day (hiking, big walks, adventures etc.) she stays in bed the whole next day to recover. Nevertheless, she`s soon ready for the next activity, she doesn`t want to be left out of the games and parties.

She has plenty dog show titles. She was shown in Austria, Hungary, Croatia in her younger years, started also her slovakian champion title. She won many Best Of Breed, Best of Group and lot of other titles (“Alpensieger”, Crufts qualification etc.). From puppy age onwards we took her to dog shows and she was placed several times at Baby and Puppy Best In Shows, she won some in her junior age and as soon as we could we started to enter her in  adult classes. Due to the SARS-SoV2 epidemic she was rarely at shows, but therefore enjoying her home life with other adventures even more, but lately we started to take her to shows again with great success. Now we`re planning a litter for her because she just adores puppies but never had any of her own. We believe that she will enjoy the motherhood and will be a great mother.

Sire: Faouziah`s Fellowship of The North

Dam: Faouziah`s Helen Of Troy


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