Date of Birth: 08.09.2021. ◆ Dention: full dention/ scissor bite ◆ Tail: NBT ◆ Hips: normal ◆ Elbows: normal ◆ MDR1: +/- ◆ PRA: normal ◆ CEA: normal ◆HSF4: normal (clear) ◆ HUU: normal ◆ DM: normal ◆ NCL: normal ◆ Owner: Agnes Makoi (Doralli Aussies) ◆ Breeder: Sarah and Linda Bowdish


If I had to describe Maisie in one word, it would be: sweatheart. She is such an incredibly pure hearted dog, such a pure creature. When she came to us she instantly bonded with the other animals and they accepted her into out pack as if she lived here from day 1 of her life. She met the boys a couple of weeks later and we were a bit concerned if it`s gonna go well, but the moment she met them she was part of the gang immediately. Not a sniff, not a second from neither side , they just accepted her like she was part of the family for a long time already, even before Maisie met the others. 

She`s playing 24/7, she loves her toys but even more her best friends and family. Her favourite playmate is Luna, our cat. They`re playing together every day for hours. Maisie is down to any type of adventure at any time. She`s happy all the time, she sometimes annoys her sisters and brothers with love because she`s doing her kiss- and lick-rounds every 10 minutes which means she goes around, checks on every single dog/person/cat/bug/fly/whatever exist and licks them for 5 minutes straight. Even if it can be annoying sometimes for the other fellow animals, nobody can be angry at her because she`s putting her whole heart in it. We were afraid in the beginning that all the other dogs will be annoyed by that behaviour that they and will send her away in a rude way but they all love Maisie and this routine is part of her, they fully accepted her. 

With us humans she is just a cutie. She is such a grateful, lovely dog, and it`s like as if she`s repeating “I love you, I love you, I love you…” all the time.  We are happy with this tiny, little girl.

Sire: Homeplace Spirit Of Grey Wolf

Dam: Risingstar`s FunShine Bear

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At 13 months old of age

At 11 months old of age

At 7 months old

And as a puppy

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