Date of Birth: 05.11.2012. ○ Dention: full dention/ scissor bite ○ Tail: NBT○ Hips: normal ○ Elbows: normal ○ MDR1+/+○ PRA: normal ○ CEA: normal ○ HSF4: normal (clear) ○ NCL: normal ○ DM: normal ○ MH: normal ○ Owner: Melinda Makoi ○ Passed away: 25.10.2016.

Woody was Melinda’s special little boy, the first one. He came from France, he was like the copy of his father and his temperament, his personality was the cutest. He was a cuddle bear, a real fluffy Teddy bear. He was always happy, cheerful even when he was in pain, he showed that he is fine to save his mommy’s feelings and to make her not to worry. Unfortunately he wasn’t here for too long but he remains in our hearts forever, he deserves it, he was such a nice, marvelous boy who was taken away way too early. It was very hard to accept that this young dog is dying, it is still a big pain after so many years of not having him around. We will always miss him, this smiling little boy. When he saw us he greeted us like no other dogs, with a huge grin on his face, was jumping around with super fastly shaking wiggle butt.

Sire: Fabulous Fiston Des Dolmens d’An Arvor

Dam: Bayshore’s Next Topmodel

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